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From Audiobooks and Commercials to Videogames and Animation, see why Sean is a top talent.
  • The voice of John Slade and multiple other characters in the groundbreaking FPS ShadowGun series

  • The voice of Magnus in Sony's weekly Virtual Item Showcase for Playstation Home

  • The talent behind the voices of the entire cast of the award winning Kingdom Rush game series

  • Winner of two Audiofile Earphones awards for excellence in narration and narrator of over 250 audiobooks

Voice Talent Services

With everything else that you have to worry about, listen to the voice of reason. Utilize the easy, no hassle talent of someone who can get the job done right within a reasonable time frame for a reasonable fee.

Who needs another reason?

A professional male voice over talent with his own ISDN studio, Sean’s versatile voice is perfect for commercial copy, narration or character work from heroes to zeros. From his recurring role as “Magnus” on Sony’s Playstation Home Marketplace to hundreds of audiobooks to the intergalactic bounty hunter John Slade in the hit game ShadowGun, Sean’s voice can be heard on radio, television, video games, audiobooks, animation and web sites around the globe.

From character voices to commercials to audiobooks and narration, contact Sean now for a free price quote for your project and see how he can help you.


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