Upcoming Audiobooks – 7/22/13

I was contacted by a fan named Denise J. some time ago who wanted to get the skinny on when new audiobooks narrated by me were coming down the pipe. This prompted me to say “hey, I should probably post about that on my site”, which also prompted me to say “hey, I haven’t posted something new on my site in a looooooong time”, which then prompted me say “oh crapsticks what’s my login info again?”. Eventually, I bumbled my way in and spent some time hurting my brainparts to decide to revise my entire website and bring it into this decade.  Thus the new www.seancrisden.com was born and along with it the revival of my blog The Creative Well. I have all sorts of fun stuff planned for the coming weeks so check back in or subscribe if ye dare.  Oh, and thanks Denise!

This update has a ton of co-narrated romance that are either available now or will be shortly. Steamy!

1. “Fall Guy” by Liz Reinhardt. Narrated by Alexandria Wilde and Sean Crisden. Tantor Audio.
Evan Lennox meets a handsome, complicated stranger in the first book in Liz Reinhardt’s Youngblood series. Contains mature themes.

2. “The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window” by Kirsty Moseley. Narrated by Leah Mallach and Sean Crisden. Tantor Audio.
One kind deed leads to a long-term relationship between the daughter of an abusive father and her brother’s best friend in this teenage love story.

3. “Unravel Me” by Kendall Ryan. Narrated by Leah Mallach and Sean Crisden. Tantor Audio.
In this steamy novel from New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan, psychology student Ashlyn Drake finds herself inexplicably drawn to a young man without any memory of his previous life, including the murder he’s accused of committing. Contains mature themes.

Rumors persist that my own short stories will soon appear narrated by that Sean Crisden guy as well. I can neither confirm nor deny this information. I can however confirm that I am a painfully slow writer and that guy better do justice to my painfully written words. Ow.