The Creative Well Podcast “Episode 1 – Scott Radway”

Here it is, the first episode of The Creative Well Podcast.

THE CREATIVE WELL Episode 1 – click here to download.THE CREATIVE WELL
My contribution to the creative community in an effort to describe, enrich and motivate the things that inspire our creative energies. I plan on discussing most of the creative arts from acting, visual art, dance, music, writing and a whole slew of other stuff. It is all in a movement to celebrate the common interests and devices that we all use to reach a creative end. These podcasts are an extension of The Creative Well blog and the two go hand in hand, although one has slightly less rambling. I’ll leave it to you to decide which.

So no matter your genre or discipline, I’m sure you can find something to take away from well.

This episode starts things off right with a great interview with Scott Radway.
You can find out more about his shamelessly explicit exploits as a composer and musician at: (edited 5/15/13)

I debated on including song snippets, but felt that they just didn’t do the compositions justice. So two of Scott’s full songs are included in the podcast. This makes the entire episode clock in at over 35 minutes, but its well worth it. Listen and enjoy.


I welcome any and all feedback positive or negative. Also, if you or someone you know would make a fine candidate for an interview and shenanigans on the podcast, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave comments below.