Rebooted, Revamped and Re-re’d

So I finally got around to revamping my website at With that comes the rekindling of my brief love affair with blogging and spouting off about the goo-gobs of thoughts that swirl around in my brain.  I’ve been frequently asked questions such as “what are you working on now?”, “Where can I find more of your work?” and “how do you eat that much apple pie?” that I hope to reveal the answers to in tantalizing, unbelievably perplexing detail. Also, I may in fact reboot the Creative Well podcast where I pick the brains of other talented folks that I have stumbled across in my bumbling adventures.

In the mean time, I plan on beginning the Kenny Bloggins shortly with a post on the question I have been asked the most: how do I get started in voice over? That will be forthcoming in the next few days…perhaps I’ll even make a commitment to post every Sunday or some such, schedule and inspiration permitting. What’s today, Friday? Suuuuure I can get some content ready in 2 days. How bad could it be right?