Dinonauts – The Future is Prehistoric

Every so often comes a project that speaks to the 12 year old in me and I get all squiggly giggly like a school boy on a tater tot and sugar high. I have been fortunate enough to have been hired as the Director of Voice Talent for an upcoming feature length animated film called Dinonauts.

Cue applause and prehistoric terrible thunder lizard roaring.

It’s an ambitious and fun independent project that hearkens back to the team-based action shenanigans of things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the like. Anthropomorphic dinos, space, ‘splosions and a firm nod to soul and funk music make this one a winner in my book. When the creator pitched the idea to me I was sold.

It will be great fun to look at this one from both sides of the glass so to speak, as I’ll be in the booth doing my usual job of playing pretend AND THEN I get to be outside of the booth yelling at other hapless voice talent and telling them everything that they’re doing wrong. Brilliant. What could be better?

Pie. Pie could be and most definitely is better than most earthly things.

Talent: “How was that take?”

(long uncomfortable silence)

Me: “Yeeeaaahhhh…let’s go again and this time give me more pie in it.”

Talent: “Pie? Um, wha…”

Me: “With feeling, please.”