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  • What? He’s Not Dead?

    What? He’s Not Dead?

    No, much to the chagrin of ninja assassins and malicious banana peels everywhere, I’m not dead. Behold! I have arisen from a long blog slumber to bring you tales of joy and merriment. ‘Tis the season and all that. Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog. I’ve been busy, lazy, […]

  • Upcoming Audiobooks – 1/14/14

    Upcoming Audiobooks – 1/14/14

    Well, huh. The last time I posted was September 2013. It seems like it was only yesterday that whatever it was that happened then happened. You know, like…stuff. Well, the holidays happened and then came along the new year which all can be fattening distracting. I’ve been busy and blah, blah, blah…narrating audiobooks blah, blah, […]

  • Upcoming Audiobooks – 9/22/13

    Upcoming Audiobooks – 9/22/13

    It has been exactly two months since my last audiobook update. Sorry for the delay gang, I’ve been busy. Reeeeaaaaaaally busy.  I’ve been buried under all sorts of fun and exciting projects that are keeping me busy (and employed!). So, here’s the latest list of recently released or upcoming audiobooks that I’ve narrated. 1.  “Wide […]

  • The Creative Well Podcast ep02 – Ironhide Game Studio

    The Creative Well Podcast ep02 – Ironhide Game Studio

    Kingdom Rush. If you’re a gamer who likes tower defense games you’ve probably heard of it. The guys at Ironhide Game Studio were kind enough to let me ask them a few questions about how they created one of the most popular tower defense games ever. I decided to use this interview to kick off […]

  • Upcoming Audiobooks – 7/22/13

    Upcoming Audiobooks – 7/22/13

    I was contacted by a fan named Denise J. some time ago who wanted to get the skinny on when new audiobooks narrated by me were coming down the pipe. This prompted me to say “hey, I should probably post about that on my site”, which also prompted me to say “hey, I haven’t posted […]

  • Auditioning for Online Voice Marketplaces – Quantity or Quality?

    Auditioning for Online Voice Marketplaces – Quantity or Quality?

    Ten to fifteen years ago if you wanted to audition for a VO job you needed at least: A decent agent To know someone in the biz Studio connections To pester your neighbor that owns that lousy pizza shop into making a lousy commercial Duct tape, a mask, a secluded location, a couple of kidnappers […]

  • How to Audition for a Voice Over Role

    How to Audition for a Voice Over Role

    Really this should be called “How to Not Piss Off the Folks You Audition For” or “Crisden Vents Here Because He Has No Friends” Being heavily involved in the casting process for the animated film Dinonauts has been a very fun experience. It’s the first time I’ve worked to cast a project this large and […]

  • Dinonauts – The Future is Prehistoric

    Dinonauts – The Future is Prehistoric

    Every so often comes a project that speaks to the 12 year old in me and I get all squiggly giggly like a school boy on a tater tot and sugar high. I have been fortunate enough to have been hired as the Director of Voice Talent for an upcoming feature length animated film called […]

  • Kingdom Rush-ing

    Kingdom Rush-ing

    Ah, with the release of Kingdom Rush Frontiers a few weeks ago, I’ve been impressed at how much fans of the series enjoyed it. Admittedly the KR series is one of my favorite games that I’ve provided character voice work for. I plan on making a post talking about some of that in the near […]

  • Judging Judging

    Judging Judging

    Here’s a simple task for you: name three things that you are exceptionally good at and rank them in their level of your exceptional goodness in them. The first being your most exceptionally gooder-est ability, the second being your second best and so on. I’ll wait while you try this. No, go ahead and think […]