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“This book is an absolute aural treat. It’s the transcription of an oral history told by Nate Shaw, an elderly African-American sharecropper living in the South. While the written words might be interesting, in audio they are absolutely transfixing. Sean Crisden narrates the work with just the right regional accent, cadence, and pacing. Even the ramblings seem natural. It takes several minutes to get used to the strong rural accent—such as dropped “g’s,” “de” instead of “the,” and other regional pronunciations—but after that, it’s like listening to a master storyteller spin the tales of his youth and adulthood. R.C.G. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine”

The team of Leonard Pitts, Jr., and Sean Crisden has created a post-Civil War masterpiece. The lives of freed slaves, particularly that of Sam Freeman, are presented in unsparing brutality, with snippets of kindness and humanity by an occasional white person. Crisden expertly depicts Sam’s journey on foot from Pennsylvania to Mississippi in search of his wife. Every emotion, shattered dream, and joyous occasion is deftly captured regardless of the background of the character–man, woman, or child black or white Northerner or Southerner. Crisden excels with the beautifully descriptive words, nuanced characters, and perfect dialogue, making not only the people but also the events come alive. S.G.B. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2012, Portland, Maine

Sean is an incredibly prompt, versatile, and professional voice actor. In the time-sensitive world of production, Sean is always reliable in delivering his work. Also, Sean has incredible range. When I came across an older published project, I had to double-check to make sure it was actually Sean that was assigned to the project. A great talent and a fun guy to work with.

Joe Encarnacion, Creative DirectorHatchback Studios

I LOVED working with Sean. He was professional, approachable and did such an amazing job with my books that it felt as if he climbed into my brain and found out what my characters sounded like. It was amazing to hear the Tate Pack cowboys come to life with Sean’s talented voice. The Rooster & The Pig Publishing will DEFINITELY be using him again.

As the owner of an audiobook company, I easily listen to dozens of demos a week. Yet, the first time I heard Sean’s voice, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Beyond being clear and radiant, there is depth in every, single utterance he makes. It seems to matter little what is on the page, Sean knows how to tell a story. And he does so perfectly. In the years we’ve worked together, he has consistently met deadlines and exceeded expectations. Everyone at Red Planet Audiobooks loves him, and I guarantee that you will love him, too.

Jenna Opperman, Founder and StrongboxRed Planet Audiobooks

Clenova contacted Mr. Crisden to voice a demo of our web search technology, DoubleDip. This demo was to be used in presentations given to VC’s, so it was important that the voice over sounded professional and polished, but at the same time we didn’t want to put our audience to sleep. Mr. Crisden instinctively knew what we were going for, and struck a perfect balance in tone and enthusiasm. We were very pleased with the result, and the excellent turnaround time. We will undoubtedly seek his services again in the future.

Carlos FernandezDirector of OperationsClenova LLC.

I was looking for a great voice for my promo to present during my participation at the NASDAQ closing bell ceremony last June. I felt in love with Sean’s voice, so I immediately chose him for that project. Since then, I always hire Sean to be the voice of my television promos. I particularly like that he is always professional, fast, and punctual. And I love that he makes my work sound great!

Ornella FadoCreator/TV Hostess and ProducerBrindiamo!

I would recommend Sean Crisden to anyone requiring voice talent. He is a highly talented individual who is not only creative and passionate about his work but a true professional. He was able to manage my entire project including other voice talents whilst always keeping me abreast of his progress.

Sean was very easy to work with making the entire process fun and exciting. He was also able to work to tight deadlines without compromising on quality.  I would not hesitate in using Sean for any other upcoming projects I have.

Vadim UgovVice PresidentSlime Sandwich

Sean is an amazing guy to work with. Quick work, prompt responses, really professional and most of all – highly versatile. He’s unselfish and not afraid to help your project succeed.

Sean plays wacky and straight characters with equal ease. An absolute pleasure working with him!

Joey RojakProducerPhartoonsPhartoons: Make Me A Star

Sean Crisden recently did voice-over work with our company on a health- care training video. Not only did he bring great talent to his VO parts, he was very timely with all responses and paperwork and thoroughly professional. Sean also brought a great sense of humor to the process which kept our whole team smiling throughout the project delivery. I give him my highest recommendation.

Justine SmithSr. Agency ProducerBranch Avenue

The Story

I have been a professional voice artist since 2006 (wait, people pay me for this?) but my history extends further than that. As a child, I was known as “Radio Man” for the articulate, listenable qualities within my voice. I don’t know any other kid who took quite so much pleasure in standing up and reading out loud “Tikki Tikki Tembo” or “Bunnicula” for their class.

This lead to an early pursuit of performing and I performed for nearly a decade with the prog rock band Divided Sky as vocalist and guitar player. I have expanded my abilities into on-camera acting, appearing in numerous commercials and films including M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender”. I was even fortunate enough to act in and choreograph the combat sequences in “Le Meduse Rouge”.

I continue to grow, develop and refine my talents in an ongoing effort to find fulfillment by drinking of my creative well. I also train in several martial arts and do my best despite the lure of my bed and apple pie to stay in excellent physical shape.


I work out of my own studio, which is located within my home. This requires extreme discipline and a full closet of business professional pajamas. “The Legendary Studio Surprise” has a laundry list of quality gear since one of its other purposes has been to record bands and musicians. For the purpose of voice over work, the following gear is typically employed:

  •  Neumann TLM-103 condenser microphone – a studio classic, its character works well with the quality of my voice, and is simply perfect for almost any voice over duty. Articulate, clear, warm and full, it’s a solid choice.
  • Sennheiser MKH 416 – What’s not to love about the “L.A. mic”? Commercial copy and narration sit perfectly in the mix.
  • Avalon VT-737sp Preamp/Channel Strip – an award winning preamp found in almost any studio worth its salt. Everyone from Michael Jackson to AC/DC have used this unit on their recordings. Big, warm, organic tube character pairs with the Neumann TLM-103 perfectly.
  • Cubase Audio Production Software – Flexible and powerful, I also have quite a collection of plug-ins and additional software.
  • ISDN – Telos Zephyr and Telos Zephyr Xstream
  • My Voice – Certainly the most important part of the entire signal chain and something that you won’t find anywhere else. Versatile, entertaining and environmentally friendly unless tired or cranky. Its supplemented with years of training, performance and practice to keep it in top shape!


  • Various Seminars and Workshops
  • Acting Technique I – Pete and Juliette Pryor
  • Acting Technique II – Pete and Juliette Pryor
  • Improv – Juliette Pryor
  • Voice – Sue Mansour
  • Philadelphia University of the Arts
  • Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts


updated August 2015 (more or less)
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Animation/Video Games

Title Role Producer
12 Reasons to Die various characters Black Mask
All That Matters Narrator, various characters Ali Bati
Amberbone various characters Crystal Play
Andromeda 5 various characters XS-Software
ARM various characters Draconis Entertainment
Ballistic various characters Black Mask
Blocks Hurt! Announcer SigLuca
Clockwork Damage various characters Hail Studios
Cosmoplan Narrator Zbam Game Studio
Critical Hit various characters Black Mask
Dead Trigger various characters Madfinger Games
Dead Trigger 2 various characters Madfinger Games
Dead Trigger Arena various characters Madfinger Games
Dinonauts various characters Dinonauts, LLC
Dirty Split Angstrom, Pearson Dreamagination
Dr. Jetpack Narrator, Dr. Jetpack MobGe
Dungelot 2 various characters Redwinter Software
Emperor’s Arena various characters Arcane Wonders
Empires of Sand various characters CodiGames
Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur Lancelot, Merlin, Ulrich, various  Audiofreelances
Five Ghosts various characters Black Mask
Fluster Cluck Announcer Loot Sony DADC
Funk of Titans Perseus, various characters Crowd of Monsters
Fury various characters Division 13
Godkiller various characters Black Mask
Golden Slots Announcer, various SuperHippo
Hack/Slash various characters Black Mask
Hands of War Narrator, various Axis Games
Hands of War 3 Narrator, various Axis Games
Hatventures The Maker FyreUK
Heroes Above various characters Unlibox
Heroes and Castles various characters Foursaken Media
Heroes and Castles 2 various characters Foursaken Media
Incursion various characters Booblyc
Incursion 2 various characters Booblyc
Incursion 3 various characters Booblyc
Kingdom Rush various characters Ironhide Game Studio
Kingdom Rush Frontiers various characters Ironhide Game Studio
Kingdom Rush Origins various characters Ironhide Game Studio
King of Party Announcer CodiGames
King’s Quest II: Romancing the Stones Monk AGD Interactive
King’s Quest III Redux: To Heir Is Human various characters AGD Interactive
Kung-Fu Live Tribesman Virtual Air Guitar 
Last Born various characters Black Mask
Lil’ Stinker Lil’ Stinker Tangerine Sky
Liberator various characters Black Mask
Liberator Stories various characters Black Mask
MiniTD various characters Infiart Studio
Monochroma Narrator Nowhere Studios
Outbreak on Uranus Announcer Silver Dollar Games
Pirate Legends various characters Superhippo
Princess Sophie  various characters Phartoons
Professor Smart Professor Smart Ranj
Prominence Zerav, Benik, various characters Digital Media Workshop
Random Rewards Announcer Paltronics
Reclamation Ray, Kyle Wats-On
Rome Slots Announcer CodiGames
SCAPS Agent various characters Slime Sandwich 
Schools of Magic Narrator Digital Things
Shadowgun John Slade, various characters Madfinger Games
Shadowgun: Deadzone John Slade, various characters Madfinger Games
Shadowgun: The Leftover John Slade, various characters Madfinger Games
Sony Playstation Home VIS series Magnus Hatchback
Talking Alien Bob Alien Bob Pocket Zebra
The Ladybugs King Machismo – s4/e4 Red Slipper
Triple Inferno Announcer Ash Gaming
The Hum various characters Thotwise
Trivia Pics Party Announcer SuperHippo
Unkilled various characters Madfinger games
Wing Commander Saga Mastermind, Ranger, Sandman WCS Team
Zoltan’s Fortune Zoltan Bally Gaming
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A Very Tate Christmas The Rooster and the Pig
Acrobat Dreamspinner
After the Sunset Dreamspinner
American Love Songs Red Planet
Ancient Egypt ListenUp
Ancient Warfare ListenUp
Armed and Dangerous Red Planet
Awakened Tantor
Axel: Corps Security Book 1 Tantor
Bachelor Untamed Bee Audio
Baumgartner Generations: Henry Red Planet
Bear, Otter and the Kid Red Planet
Because of You Tantor
Beck: Corps Security Book 3 Tantor
Benny Goodman and Teddy Wilson Dreamscape
Beware Tantor
Beware 2: The Comeback Tantor
Billy Sara York Books
Blind: A Memior Red Planet
Blinded By Our Eyes ListenUp
Blood Signs Silver Publishing
Blue Mountain: Pack Collection Book 1 The Romance Authors
Bring Me Home Tantor
Cage: Corps Security Book 2 Tantor
Cane Dreamscape
Cards on the Table Just Joshin’ Publishing
Catch of the Day Silver Publishing
Change of Heart Hudson
Chase in Shadow Dreamspinner
Closer to the Edge Tantor
Color Him Gay Tantor
Come to Me Softly Tantor
Cooper: Corps Security Book 4 Tantor
Country Boys Tantor
Crashed Tantor
Crucible of Fate Dreamspinner
Cruising Adventures Silver Publishing
Dark Challenge Tantor
Dark Magic Tantor
Depths Tantor
Dex in Blue Dreamspinner
Divide and Conquer Red Planet
Do Not Disturb Tantor
Don’t Call Me a Hero Pearson
Drive Shaft Red Planet
Driving Me Crazy Silver Publishing
Ethan in Gold Dreamspinner
Fall Guy Tantor
Fish and Chips Red Planet
Fractured Tantor
Freeman Tantor
Fueled Tantor
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Life ListenUp
Good to Know Hudson
Grounded Bee Audio
Guarding Morgan Love Lane Books
Hard to Love Tantor
Heart of the Kingdom Silver Publishing
Honky Tonk Girl ListenUp
Honour Red Planet
Hot Gay Erotica Tantor
Hot Pursuit Tantor
How To Speak and Write Correctly ListenUp
Inconceivable The Rooster and The Pig
Indebted Tantor
Inevitable Tantor
Injustice Tantor
Invincible Tantor
In Such Dark Places Bee Audio
Into the Light Silver Publishing
Jaguar Mate Silver Publishing
Joseph’s Grace Tantor
Jump Ship to Freedom Tantor
Keeping Promise Rock Hudson
Kiss or Kill Tantor
Lengths Tantor
Let Love In Tantor
Let Love Live Tantor
Let Love Shine Tantor
Let Love Stay Tantor
Life After Joe ListenUp
Locke: Corps Security Book 5 Tantor
Long Division Tantor
Locker Room Red Planet
Love Machine Dreamscape
Love Means…Family Red Planet
Love Means…Freedom Red Planet
Love Means…Healing Red Planet
Love Means…No Boundaries Red Planet
Love Means…No Fear Red Planet
Make Me Yours Tantor
Memiors of a Cavalier – Daniel Defoe ListenUp
Memories of the Heart Felice Stevens
Mile High Club Tantor
Mummy Dearest: The XOXO Files Just Joshin’ Publishing
Naughty Bits Red Planet
Never Say Never Silver Publishing
No Excuses Tantor
On the Duty of Civil Disobedience Hudson
One Night With the Wealthy Rancher Bee Audio
Phenomenal X Tantor
Pieces of You Tantor
Pierced Tantor
Prisoner Red Planet
Promise Me Light Tantor
Raced Tantor
Rainbow’s End ListenUp
Reaper’s Stand Tantor
RenSime Tantor
Saint Louis Armstrong Beach Pearson
Savage Sanctuary ListenUp
Seize Me Tantor
Seven Days Red Planet
Sharing You Tantor
Slave Auction Silver Publishing
Soar: How Boys Learn, Succeed and Develop Character Tantor
Splendid Captivity Silver Publishing
Stern Bee Audio
Strength of a Champion Tantor
Super Sock Man Dreamspinner
Sworn to Protect Tantor
Taint Tantor
The Art of Breathing Dreamspinner
The Art of Fermentation Tantor
The Beautiful and the Damned Hudson
The Book of Mormon ListenUp
The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Tantor
The Cart That Carried Martin Dreamscape
The Case of the Gasping Garbage Tantor
The Christmas Throwaway Silver Publishing
The Crimson Sky Tantor
The Dickens With Love Samhain Publishing
The Dreadful Revenge of Ernest Gallen Tantor
The Fire Duke Tantor
The Gay Dogs Tantor
The Ghost Apple Bee Audio
The Great Migration Pearson
The Guardian Hudson
The Hair of Harold Roux Tantor
The House Across The Way Tantor
The House of the Stag ListenUp
The Lion of Kent ListenUp
The Longest Night Pearson
The Marrow of Tradition Dreamscape
The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read Tantor
The Only Easy Day Love Lane Books
The Perfectionists Handbook Tantor
The Power of Passive Investing Tantor
The Road to Burgandy Tantor
The Silver Stone Tantor
The Social Media Management Handbook Tantor
The Story Untold Tantor
The Strange Career of Jim Crow Bee Audio
The Substance of Hope Tantor
The Winter Helen Dropped By Tantor
Time on Two Crosses Tantor
Timing Hudson
Tom Swift: The Robot Olympics Audiofreelances
Tom Swift: The Space Hotel Audiofreelances
Torn Tantor
Trey’s Friend Hooks Up Silver Publishing
Trouble Tantor
Turned Tantor
Twelve Years a Slave Tantor
Twisted Tantor
Unassumed The Rooster and The Pig
Uncaged: Corps Security Book 3.5 Tantor
Uncle Tom’s Cabin Hudson
Unexpected Fate Tantor
Unexpected Mate Silver Publishing
Unravel Me Tantor
Unthinkable The Rooster and The Pig
Up High in the Trees Tantor
Vanilla On Top Tantor
Very Bad Things Tantor
Violence of Action Tantor
War Comes to Willy Freeman Tantor
Weather Pearson
Where He Ends and I Begin Red Planet
Wide Awake Tantor
Wide Open Tantor
Withstanding Me Tantor
Worn Me Down Tantor
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Arizona Lottery Announcer EB Lane
Armax Announcer J Francis
Ashline Announcer Riester
Assurance Cellular (on camera) Timeline Video
Auto Report Announcer Crystal Clear Concepts
AZ State Credit Union Announcer
Blocks Hurt!  Announcer SigLuca
BoneDmonium Announcer J Francis
Box Tops For Education (on camera) General Mills/D4D
Breathe Right (on camera) True Story Films
Brown’s Catering Announcer Absolute Vision
Cable One  (on camera) EB Lane
Cable One Announcer LaneTerralever
Casino Arizona (on camera) Riester
Chester County Martial Arts Academy Announcer CCMAA
Chondropaw Announcer
Delaware Pain Management  (on camera) Bang! Pictures
Dormeo Announcer Wingman Advertising
Floyd Medical Center Announcer
Fortune Hunter Announcer Hatchback
Fry’s Food Stores (on camera) CB&S Advertising
Fry’s Food Stores (on camera) Little Engine Works
FSN (on camera) Canyon Communications
Go Daddy (on camera) Light Switch, Inc
Hollywood Casino (on camera) SPI
Jakroo Announcer Jakroo
Jay Sean Announcer Is-Real Filmworks
Jimmy’s BBQ Announcer J Mog
Leslie’s Pool Announcer Lavidge
Lewis Clark Credit Union Announcer Jeda Media
Little River Casino Resort Announcer Off Madison Ave
Meritage Homes Announcer Lavidge
Oregano’s Announcer Free Range Productions
Perque Flooring Announcer
Quizno’s Announcer/Vocalist Windowseat
Samurai II: Vengeance Announcer Madfinger Games
Scribble Shooter Announcer Hatchback
Shem Creek Music Center Announcer K Bradshaw
Specs Howard School Darren
Target (on camera) Peterson Milla Hooks
The Quest for Greatness 2- Sony Playstation Announcer Hatchback
Three Creeks Brewing Company Announcer Zonni Media
Unique Audio Announcer Bermuda Media
University Physicians Healthcare Announcer Level4
Wells Fargo (on camera) Wells Fargo Creative Services
Wing Commander Saga Announcer WCS Team
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Adaptive Curriculum Narrator, various
Area 9 Trauma victim
DiscoverLink various
Integrity Interactive various
Noggin Labs various
Pearson Narrator, various
SunGard Mark Emerson Media
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Just the Vampire Hunter Robbie, ADR TAD, Inc
Le Meduse Rouge Assassin, Combat Choreographer, ADR Severine Pictures
The Last Airbender Fire Nation Warrior (on camera) Paramount
The Play-Station Killed the Puppet ADR Lotus Films
The Wereth Eleven ADR Ardennes Group
Time of Heroes/White Chip Humphrey (on camera), ADR Sobhy Productions
Touched Trailer Narration Diamond Mine Media
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Industrials/Explainer Vids

App Locker Narrator SonoTrigger
Assisted Living Builders Narrator Vismo
Board Chair Narrator
Carolina Bedding Narrator BTS
Cite.co Narrator Vismo
Cloudplace Narrator Vismo
Elsevier Narrator
FacesMe Narrator
Googlin Narrator
Honeywell (on camera) On Scene Productions
iTraq Narrator Alexander Thomas Design
Kasasa Narrator BancVue
Management Quick Tips (on camera) CineLearning
Movement Lectures Narrator On Target Publications
Nexus Energy Systems Narrator
Paper Matrix Narrator
Proofread My Paper Narrator Premium Animations
Rental Pad Narrator
Reviving Work Ethic Narrator Eric Chester
S & D Coffe Narrator New Way Media
S. Cohen Inc. Narrator Audiofreelances
Same Page Narrator Audiofreelances
Seeds Now Narrator Vismo
Signs.org Narrator Vismo
Stat-X Narrator Dolbow 
Tattoo.com Narrator
The Phone Call Son The Thinking Atheist
VideOMG Narrator
Winebattles.com Narrator Vismo
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Other Media

Funkmouf Brown various characters Deen Mish/Voice of Reason
MovementLectures.com Podcast Announcer On Target Publications


Brindiamo! Narrator
The Amateurs Series Narrator J Francis
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39 Steps Radio Announcer, Pilots BlackBox Foundation
A Tale of Two Cities Msr. Defarge MCT
Every Christmas Story Ever Told Radio Announcer BlackBox Founation
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