The Power of Meaning What We Say

The first few weeks of the new year have been quite the ride. I’m in the middle of recording what seems like an unending onslaught of audiobooks (I’m whiny but it is fun) as well as shambling through the war torn trenches of new marketing ideas for voice over. Lets not forget planning for the next episode of The Creative Well podcast and trying to start a completely separate comedic audio skit podcast. On top of that, I’m enrolling in improv classes with one of my fav teachers, waking up at 7am every day to work out and train (my kung fu must be strong although apparently it ‘aint in the morning). Additionally, I’m trying some new software solutions on my PC, fiddling with Skype, phone patches and new microphones and still trying to be in bed by 10pm. Did I mention that I also still work a full time day job as an administrator of a mental health residential program? Let me not even begin with the intricacies of what transpires there and how several times this week I found myself virtually yelling at staff and coworkers For those who don’t know me, I’m a generally even-keel, analytically objective sort of chap. To let emotion creep into the workplace is a rarity for sure. I know, wah wah wah, blah blah blah.

So, why did I just take the opportunity to rant here on the blog? Less to fish for misery points and more to solidify the title of this post. In the few short weeks of life into the year 2010, I managed to disassociate myself with what has essentially become my mantra:

“Celebrate your successes, plan for your obstacles and seek happiness.”

I was too mired in the process of feeling overwhelmed. Simply that process itself can become all consuming and make other, more sensible and grounding efforts seem obscure. This took its toll on me emotionally and my entire life was ever so slightly askew. I was focusing only on the negative or troublesome aspects of my current existence rather than bolstering the positive ones and reinforcing my resolve to conquer that which hinders me.

I say it all the time, but words are powerless without action. Especially if that action does not include the digestion and complete understanding of the core ideas of what the words represent. Right now I’m talking about the impact this has on you as one person. A whole other topic of debate is how our words and their meaning impact others.

Do you have a simple mantra or blueprint that you use to live your life? Care to share?