• FAQ

    Of course. Why put on pants when you can work in your jammies? Contact me for my dial-in SPIDS and/or Source-Connect info. Not sure what Source-Connect is? You can connect for free if you have a Chrome Browser. Check out Source Connect Now: https://now.source-elements.com
    Yes. My studio has ISDN , Source-Connect, Skype and phone patch capability so that you can call in to listen, direct and/or record from your location as we track the session. Not sure what Source-Connect is? You can connect for free if you have a Chrome Browser. Check out Source Connect Now: https://now.source-elements.com
    Yes, depending on both of our schedules and your studio location. Contact me directly to provide the details of your project.
    Absolutely. Send me the script by clicking here and I’ll return a custom audition to you via email, typically within 24 hours.
    Yes I can. I can take your entire project from script to broadcast, complete with music, effects, editing and all post production.
    For new clients, once we agree to work together, unless otherwise specified I require a 50% down payment before work begins. This can be paid with a credit card through PayPal or simply as a transfer through your PayPal account. If you are paying by check or money order, I must receive and deposit the down payment check and it must clear before work begins. A check down payment may delay your project. No matter how you pay, the balance will be due net 30 (within 30 days of delivery of the completed voice work). For repeat clients in good standing, no down payment is required. Full payment for repeat clients is due within 30 days of final delivery of the completed voice work.
    Yes. I have a selection of royalty-free music that is ready to be used in your project.
    Yes. I have a selection of sound effects ready to zap, pop, whir and sizzle in your project.
    I suppose that operating in theory and action through logical, calculated movement as seen by my associates, colleagues and clients would have something to do with it. However, without risk there is little reward. Every now and then, it is reasonable to live it up!
    The option is yours. I can send files via any number of file transfer services, email, FTP or postal mail. The singing telegram has unfortunately lost its charm.
    It depends on your project. My rates are in line with the industry SAG-AFTRA standards, based on the length or word count of your copy, the intended market, distribution, usage and if you require royalty-free music, sound fx, editing or post production work. To help wade through all of the specifics, please contact me so that I can provide you with a custom quote.
    Again, it depends on your project, but I work swiftly from my own studio. Contact me with your project details and I will be able to provide you a time frame and a price quote. I am also available for in-person sessions at your own studio or a studio of your choice.
    I do a great deal of work from my own studio, “The Legendary Studio Surprise” (its a long story). Some of the regular gear in the audio chain: Neumann TLM-103 microphone Sennheiser MKH-416 microphone Avalon vt-737sp tube preamp Cubase audio production software
    My studio and home are both located in the metro area of Phoenix, Arizona. I do travel often to Los Angeles so feel free to ask if you need me to travel to your studio in-person. Be warned, I like snacks.
    Because I love it. Everyone should have the satisfaction and pleasure of doing what they love. Seek happiness.
    Because you have impeccable taste and insight. Also, I am a pro voice talent who prides himself on providing quality work quickly with as little hassle for you as possible. In addition, I can work out of my own studio so you do not have to pay additional studio costs. I am flexible, work well with direction and make sure that my clients are satisfied with the end result. I’ve also been known to have an arsenal of terrible jokes. Now that’s reasonable. You can see a client list and testimonials on this site.